About Us


Board of Directors
  Jackie Pullen   President
  Warren Hodges   Vice-President
  Steve Hatfield   Director
  Lowell English   Director
  Gary Lovell   Director
  Dwight Lindop   Maintenance Supervisor
  Robin Baley   Administrative Officer





Board Meetings





Regularly scheduled board meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month provided there are items on the agenda. Contact the office to confirm a meeting is being held.


The meetings are held at 2:00 pm at 5763 State Hwy 205 South, Ste. 101, Rockwall, TX. Anyone wishing to address the board must contact Robin Baley, Administrative Officer, at 972-722-3203 at least one week prior to the meeting to be placed on the agenda.



















RCH WATER SUPPLY - 5763 SH 205 SOUTH, STE 101 - ROCKWALL, TX - 75032